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One billion smart payment cards shipped in 2011

Thursday 15 March 2012

SPA just disclosed its industry statistics for 2011:


SPA members shipped 898 million smart payment cards in 2011, out of which 130 million (15%) were contactless. Dual interface (contact and contactless) account for 80% of contactless card shipments, and grew 80% year on year.

SPA calculates the Total Available Market (TAM) based on its cumulated shipments:


SPA focuses on the following points:

  • Western Europe is moving from SDA (Static Data Authentication) to highly secure DDA/CDA (Dynamic Data Authentication / Combined data Authentication),
  • Many Eastern Europe countries are migrating or have migrated to smart cards according to SEPA rules,
  • Canada has completed its EMV migration,
  • The US are moving towards EMV, thanks to Visa liability shift in 2015,
  • More Latin America countries are migrating towards EMV,
  • China is moving towards chip card based payments, thanks to PBOC 2.0 mandate for 2015,
  • India is moving towards EMV.

The association also details contact vs. contactless shipments by region:


Contactless is already a reality, with major deployments happening in Canada, UK, Turkey, Poland, France, Australia,… SPA Members have delivered over 130 million contactless cards in 2011.

SPA also delivers data about the migration from SDA to DDA:



SPA focuses on the following points:

  • Major payment schemes are pushing for DDA/CDA,
  • Mature markets are now migrating to DDA/CDA technology,
  • Majority of Dual-Interface cards using DDA technology.