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Pakistan to issue electronic driving licenses

Thursday 31 January 2008

The NationalDatabase Registration Authority (Nadra) develops the software and system andwill provide technical assistance to the police. The cost of a license for the enduser is to be PKR 250 (EUR 2.72), and only PKR 120 (EUR 1.31) for a learner'slicense. An applicant must have a computerized national ID card before applyingfor a new driving license.

Nadra will provide the computer hardware for license registration centers (LRCs),a complete software solution, verification system (Verisys), license cardsembedded with Rfid (Radio Frequency Identity) chips along with chip writers,network connectivity (LAN and WAN) and training of the police officialsconcerned. Records, containing photograph, fingerprints, name, address, date ofbirth, ID card number, blood group, driver’s license number and type of theapplicant,  will be managed from a central database, allowing applicants to get adriver's license form any LRC.

The new license will be embedded with an Rfid chip providing all necessaryinformation, like the driver’s identification data along with his traffic violationhistory. The data will be stored in two blocks on the chip. The first block willcontain personal information of the license holder, which will be burntelectronically so that it cannot be changed or modified. The second block will bere-writeable where the history of the violations will be recorded. Police forceswill be provided with handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) – Rfidreader/writer devices – which will be used to read/write the road fines directlyinto the Rfid-license chip; the information being transmitted to the centralserver once the PDA is docked into the nearest provided server designated tocollect such data. The system will have a centrally managed database and helpto carry out online verification of the drivers using Nadra’s verification system –Verisys.

Nadra, National Database and Registration Authority, is in charge of the Pakistancitizens database registration authority, ePassport and ID cards issuanceprocesses. Nadra is also in charge of the ePassport project in Kenya (cf. SmartInsights #07-27). Nadra is already assisting Bangladesh, where it had so far issuedover 200,000 driving licenses, while it has also been short-listed by the Egyptiangovernment for a similar project.