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SIMalliance calls for SIM industry collaboration

Thursday 17 March 2011

According to the organization, SIM delivers most of the security and functionality but the core of the discussion rests not on the enabling technology, because it’s already here, but on the business models, the revenue share and the standardization and regulatory compliance.

With NFC and contactless technologies set to be big in 2011, banks and retailers are understandably keen to get customers familiar with using the handset as an account access and payment device. In today’s applications generation, that means offering a download via an app store or more traditional browser access. The problem is that many such ‘mobile specific’ services have vulnerabilities created by the use of the inherently unsecure IP channel and compounded by an unclear standards environment.

The raft of different network standards and the host of access devices, running on discrete operating systems add a further dimension. Standardized applications are critical here but from the ongoing Apple, Android (and Windows) OS wars, that seems a long way off.

SIMalliance therefore calls for industry collaboration. The business and regulatory issues are immense and it is only by working together and building a cross industry consensus can consumers, the brand, the network and the specific industry regulators – from advertising to banking – effectively tie all the elements together. Today’s SIM the most widely distributed secure application platform in the world and has a central role to play, but technology alone isn’t going to solve this particularly thorny problem.