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Smart Insights Report: Russia smart card market to near 1.8 billion smart units shipped yearly by 2016, says Smart Insights

Monday 19 September 2011

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, September 19, 2011 – Intelling, a consultancy specializing in secure transactions, just published a new Smart Insights Report titled “Russia Smart Card Market 2012” that investigates in detail the secure transactions industry in Russia, and provides market forecasts for 2012-2016.

The new Smart Insights Report “Russia Smart Card Market 2012” establishes that smart card solutions shipments in Russia will reach about 1.8 billion units yearly in 2016. Russia will continue to show a dynamic growth for the secure transaction industry. Market development will be mainly supported by heavy government-backed investments along with legislative dynamics. These government and private operator projects will boost the demand for smart card solutions.

The report demonstrates the transport segment will continue to represent the lion share of total shipment volumes. Smart tickets in 2011 will reach 2.5 billion units yearly. However, by 2016, these volumes will be reduced due to replacements by other large projects.

Telecommunication segment shows a steady increase. Average mobile communication penetration is already above 150% and, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, it has passed 200%. Moreover, mobile network operators are still facing high churn rates. As a result, Smart Insights anticipates SIM cards shipments in Russia will pass 240 million yearly by 2016.

Russia implements several governmental initiatives as well. The Universal Electronic Card (UEC) is a national ID card project with many different applications on-board, such as social welfare, healthcare insurance, transport, eGovernment, electronic signature and banking application, etc.

Major findings from “Russia Smart Card Market 2012” Smart Insights Report include:

  • Russian smart card manufacturers show a strong development thanks to their technology expertise, market presence, and adaptation to specific Russian market needs leading to growing market share,
  • The government plays an important role in the emergence and development of smart card projects and industry itself,
  • Although Russia is not yet facing significant bank card fraud losses, the pressure of future potential fraud is bringing financial institutions to an EMV migration decision,
  • NFC projects pave the way for future adoption of the technology.

“Russia Smart Card Market 2012” includes qualitative, technology and quantitative data and analysis about the various market segments and their stakeholders in Russia. This Smart Insights Report provides a comprehensive study of each stakeholder’s market positioning, its strategy, business directions, and market shares, etc. It includes market forecasts covering the evolution of secure transactions industry volumes as well as yearly shipments for each category of smart card products.

“Russia Smart Card Market 2012” Smart Insights Report is an indispensable tool for every company involved in the secure transactions industry: smart card manufacturers, their suppliers and partners, mobile network operators, financial institutions, payment service providers, transport operators, and other service providers, as well as all the technology companies involved in delivering products and services for the development of smart card solutions.

“I do think this report will be instrumental for business development to everyone who is a part of secure transactions industry, who tries to understand and do business in full of potential conjuncture of smart card market in Russia”, said Artur Khakimov, analyst for Smart Insights and author of the report.

“This new Smart Insights Report “Russia Smart Card Market 2012” brings evidence of the specifities of the Russian market: volumes in billions of contactless transport tickets, multi-application ID and social cards, and exceptionally high mobile phone penetration levels”, said Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Intelling, and head of Smart Insights Reports.

“Russia Smart Card Market 2012” Smart Insights Report is available online at

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