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Smart Insights Report covers TSM market

Thursday 14 April 2011

In 2011, many positive signs demonstrate NFC is finally about to become successful. Numerous mobile network operators (MNOs), handset vendors, mass-transit operators, financial institutions, and other players are on the verge of launching NFC wide-scale projects. The multiplicity of stakeholders trigger complex ecosystems, where companies have divergent interests, but need to find common grounds to support the technology take-off and commercial rollout.

This Smart Insights Report brings clarity in this complex ecosystem, where the interest of each organization sometimes come ahead of the global business development obejctive. Trusted Service Management platforms play a central role in making all services accessible to end-users. For this reason, TSM operators, as service aggregators, are in a central position to manage the customer relationship, and build a business case by bringing this added value to service providers.

The report investigates the various models for TSM operations: by the mobile network operator, by the financial instituion, by other service providers, or by Trusted Third Parties (TTP). This Smart Insights Report provides evaluations for bitht the TSM platform vendor and the TSM service provider markets that demionstrate the business is to experience a CAGR over 75%, and become a multi-billion Euro market from 2013 onwards.