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Smartrac gets ready for green materials

Thursday 15 October 2009

RFID transponders today are typically made of thin polymer substrates such as PVC or PET films, a metal antenna and a microchip. In addition, adhesive materials are used to join the different layers together. These materials are similar to those used in standard consumer product packaging.

Smartrac has launched a research project to identify and implement production materials that are suitable for reliable high quality products yet are environmentally friendly at the same time. The research project will be conducted by the Smartrac Research& Development department together with several technology institutes in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, Smartrac is in intensive dialogue with substrate manufacturers and leading chemical companies.

Smartrac is taking early action to further optimize the transponder materials with regards to environmentally friendly disposal. The outcome of the research project will be a range of new transponder substrate and encapsulation materials for a wide range of applications which will be used as a base for a “Green RFID Transponder” line.