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Sony introduces RC-S965 FeliCa Lite

Thursday 24 June 2010

The RC-S965 comes at a low-price compared to conventional FeliCa chips, thanks to streamlined security features and an optimized file system. These features make it suitable for products where cost is critical, such as sales promotion items, membership ID cards, loyalty cards (point cards), game cards and coupon tickets. The RC-S965 is a custom designed chip with an energy-saving capability which can operate in a super-low- strength electromagnetic field. This, along with the ultra-thin antenna, allows its use in media other than cards, such as stickers and posters. The RC-S965 contains a streamlined authentication function with a reader/writer. The chip uses a simplified file structure that has no hierarchical structure and in which the two stored data access attributes "read-only" or "read/write" can be set in each data block.

The RC-S965 uses the same wireless communications system as all FeliCa-compatible products and its command system is backward-compatible with previous FeliCa chips. The RC-S965 supports Type 3 Tag operation, as defined by the NFC Forum by storing data as proper format. The chip can communicate with reader/writers that conform to NFC Forum Type 3 Tag Operation.