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Turkcell and Garanti Bank in a NFC trial

Thursday 24 January 2008

E-Kart, a leading provider of smart card solutions in Turkey, is working in collaboration with Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), the second largest smart card manufacturer in the world, to supply NFC-enabled SIM cards. In addition, the solution for the secure uploading and administration of the payment application and the user data is provided by Venyon, a joint venture between G&D and Nokia.

The pilot project is part of the “Pay-Buy-Mobile” initiative of the GSM Association, which wants to support the SIM card-based worldwide introduction and application of NFC technology. Mobile devices should be interoperable and securely linked to already existing payment and contactless systems.

In the trial, some 100 Turkcell and Garanti employees and customers will be provided with an NFC-enabled mobile phone that they can use to make payments quickly and simply by holding the phone to an NFC reader. In the Turkcell and Garanti Bank pilot project the contactless MasterCard PayPass credit card application is stored and enabled on the SIM card from G&D. The SIM card is linked to the NFC chip in the mobile device via the single wire protocol. The PayPass application and the customer data required for the payment function are loaded flexibly on the SIM card via the mobile network, using the secure OTA service of Venyon, without the user of the service having to visit a Turkcell or Garanti branch. Also potential updates and life-cycle management can be performed at any time using Venyon OTA management.

Garanti Bank, one of the most innovative financial institutions in the use of chip technology, has over 6 million credit card customers in Turkey and back in summer 2006 implemented the MasterCard PayPass system based on contactless cards. Some 3000 retailers already use contactless readers, which also support NFC technology.