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Visa and Chungwa launch a NFC trial in Taiwan

Thursday 27 September 2007

The trial will bring together near field communication (NFC)-enabled mobile phones, over-the-air (OTA) personalization, Visa payWave contactless payments and merchant direct marketing offers sent to the phone. There are already 1.4 million Visa contactless cards in Taiwan, so cardholders are aware of the speed, security and convenience that contactless payment delivers. Chinatrust is already involved in a combicard project with a MasterCard PayPass supporting electronic wallet, a credit card and easy card functions (cf. SI #07-10).

The six-month trial involves 500 Chunghwa Telecom Call Call co-brand cardholders using NFC-enabled Nokia 6131i (also called 6131 NFC) handsets to make contactless payments at any of the 3,000 stores that accept Visa payWave contactless cards in Taiwan. The trial will be based on Visa's mobile platform. The payWave application will be stored in a secure chip embedded in the handset, and data will be downloaded OTA (over the air) using a platform from Cassis International, a specialist in payment oriented OTA platforms based in Singapore.

The project also involves m-coupons: consumers will be able to obtain merchant offers by pre-registering their preferences to receive certain types of coupons or by holding their phone up to NFC-tagged posters located in popular shopping areas. For instance, Blockbuster will trial discount coupons at all 61 of its branches in the Taipei metropolitan area while 11 other merchants (restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas) have signed up to offer smart poster tags.