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Thursday 19 January 2017

Smart Insights Weekly has been in existence for more than ten years now. The industry has undergone a complete transformation at the same time. Of course, we have been evolving over the period and we cover all the core issues in the industry and publish information relating to all the main trends in the industry.


We hope you, as a Smart Insights Weekly reader, are happy with our coverage of 5G, eSIM, IoT and its security, payment trends towards invisible payments, PSD2 and the change of roles in payments, government ID and its dematerialization, enterprise security with its hacks and how the industry proposes always more innovative solutions especially using biometrics, transport with the shift from media-based to account-based solutions, convergence where always more applications are taking advantage of smartphone security coupled with ubiquitous connectivity and semiconductor innovation in disrupting the value chain of the industry.


Smart Insights offer also includes Smart Insights Reports, which provide you with detailed information, analysis and forecasts about major trends in the industry, such as invisible payments, mWallets, smart ticketing or eSIM.


We do also provide market intelligence and communication services, such as market research and analysis, competition benchmarking, press releases, white papers, brochures, website contents, speeches support, etc.


Now, we need your opinion. We need you to tell us if you are happy with what we deliver and how we could improve to bring you an always more accurate and targeted information to support your strategic decisions.


We also need to know if you would like us to develop new services, such as webinars, email marketing campaigns and more digital marketing services in order to bring more added value to your business development.


To do this, we just a need a few minutes of your precious time. Just go to and fill our short questionnaire. This will help us serve you better, which will help you grow your business better informed and with better marketing and strategy tools. 

by Thierry Spanjaard, Chief Editor