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Xiring sales grow by 86%

Thursday 24 January 2008

In previous announcements, the company anticipated only a 70% growth. 53.8% come from international sales.

Banking & security account for EUR 12.6 million. Ten million consumers received Xiring authentication solutions by the end of 2007 in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Xiring forecasts that 60 million e-banking users will be equipped with readers by 2010, and says it is the market leader currently with 50% market share (70% in the United Kingdom). For instance, Xiring has delivered more than 3 million strong authentication solutions throughout the United Kingdom in 2007. In the near future, authentication solutions are to be rolled out in France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia and Slovenia. French healthcare Sesam-Vitale readers represent 39% of the company sales.

Xiring anticipates EUR 28.5 million sales in 2008, a mere 20% growth over 2007. Xiring 2007 results and 2008 operating margin forecasts will be communicated on 11th March 2008, after market closure.