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Smart Insights Reports

Smart Insights Reports provide expert analysis on the secure transaction industry. Smart Insights Reports are off-the-shelf research reports providing key facts and figures as well as strategic insights about a technology, a geographical area or a major issue in the secure transaction industry.

Smart Insights Reports bring business modeling, market sizing, forecasting and competitive analysis. Including qualitative and quantitative analysis, Smart Insights Reports are built on a combination of primary research and secondary research, supported by an intimate knowledge of the secure transaction business environment thanks to years of experience in the industry.

Smart Insights Reports target strategic decision-makers, investors, industrial and financial analysts, and everyone interested in the secure transaction industry. They bring the right set of data to understand major trends in the industry, and forecasts covering the development of new technologies and markets with a short to mid-term timeframe. Smart Insights Reports are elaborated by our analysts, thanks to a thorough research including interviews with major players in the industry.

eSIM to reshape mobile communication

The latest Smart Insights Report: “eSIM to reshape mobile communication” covers the inception of embedded SIM (or eSIM or eUICC) technology and how it will transform the mobile communication industry. The technology consists simply in embedding the SIM in a handset rather than keeping it removable as it is now.

The traditional SIM card industry is bound to see its volumes shrink due to this innovative technology. 

mHealth: Game Changer for Healthcare

Smart Insights ReportmHealth: Game Changer for Healthcare,” provides an extensive analysis of the dynamics of mobile health (mHealth) market and how mobile technologies will disrupt the healthcare industry. mHealth is an emerging field that will revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered as we know it today.


mHealth refers to the use of mobile communications technology and devices (sensors, mobile phones, tablets, wireless monitors, etc.) to provide healthcare solutions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment or medical follow-up. These solutions are used both for medical practice and for non-medical practice.

TEE Boosts Mobile Security

Smart Insights Report “TEE Boosts Mobile Security,” provides an extensive analysis of the dynamics of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) market and how this emerging technology will impact the mobile security industry.


TEE is a combined hardware-software solution that provides security against software attacks. The TEE is a secure area that resides in the baseband processor. It ensures that sensitive data and applications are stored, processed and protected from the operating system (e.g. Android) through a Trusted Execution Environment.