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Smart Insights Reports

Smart Insights Reports provide expert analysis on the secure transaction industry. Smart Insights Reports are off-the-shelf research reports providing key facts and figures as well as strategic insights about a technology, a geographical area or a major issue in the secure transaction industry.

Smart Insights Reports bring business modeling, market sizing, forecasting and competitive analysis. Including qualitative and quantitative analysis, Smart Insights Reports are built on a combination of primary research and secondary research, supported by an intimate knowledge of the secure transaction business environment thanks to years of experience in the industry.

Smart Insights Reports target strategic decision-makers, investors, industrial and financial analysts, and everyone interested in the secure transaction industry. They bring the right set of data to understand major trends in the industry, and forecasts covering the development of new technologies and markets with a short to mid-term timeframe. Smart Insights Reports are elaborated by our analysts, thanks to a thorough research including interviews with major players in the industry.

Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity

Intelling's Smart Insights Report “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity” analyzes the current changes and development of identity documents and solutions. New types such as Digital ID and Mobile ID are emerging, offering solutions providers, governments and citizens new opportunities. Although the potential benefits are undeniable, today these new types of identities cannot be deemed effective without Physical ID. The mixture of the concepts is the perfect formula for a successful and modern identity project.

Security solutions to expand smart IoT markets

IoT is the major technological revolution since the rise of internet. Every industry and market segment is embracing the IoT opportunity; by 2022, there will be 27 billion connected devices. The latest Smart Insights Report “Security solutions to expand smart IoT markets” demonstrates security will be a key driver for IoT growth.


IoT security must be incorporated along the entire value chain (end-to-end security) since the solution’s development (security by design). A major issue is the fact that many legacy devices are unable to support security, and new devices not always have security built in by design.

Invisible payments key to omni-channel commerce

Invisible payment solutions are expected to be the next revolution in the payments industry. Why? Because they will make payments disappear (at least from consumers’ point of view). How? By simplifying the checkout process so consumers no longer need to think about the payment itself, but they can instead focus on selecting the product or service and confirming their intent to buy. Invisible payments mean reducing the payments experience for consumers to the minimum amount of effort, while maintaining the highest levels of security, authentication and trust. At a time consumers and retailers become more demanding, invisible payments will make payments a seamless and effortless experience.