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Smart Insights White Papers bring a synthetic view about a given subject, region, or market segment. A Smart Insights White Paper is a conveniently compact abstract giving its readers thorough understanding of a given topic.

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White Paper - Smart cities for a smarter future

The concept of smart cities links heavily to the requirements for more sustainable living. Smart cities have become a frame of reference ensuring consistency between all the modalities linking people to their wider communities and public authorities. A smart city promotes the values required to "live well together", or to "live better together." 

White Paper - mHealth market in the US at a glance

The White Paper "mHealth market in the US at a glance" covers all segments of the mHealth market in the USA.  mHealth solutions include numerous technological solutions, focusing mainly on the measurement of vital signs and health parameters, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose level, brain activities and body temperature. mHealth is an emerging and rapidly developing field which has the potential to disrupt healthcare systems, either by delivering incremental innovations that improve existing practices, or by bringing fundamental changes that modify the way healthcare services are supplied. 

White Paper - The smart world behind the UAE

The White Paper "The smart world behind the UAE" covers all segments of the secure transactions industry in UAE, and provides information about many applications. Several secure transactions projects have been put in place in the UAE, such as the eID project covering all the inhabitants of the UAE, implementation of eGates in all terminals, development of a cashless ticketing transportation system... Also, to pursue its objective of becoming a chip-manufacturing hub in the next years, the UAE has invested heavily in this industry. 

White Paper - Mobile Payment in Greater China 2014

This Smart Insights White Paper covering the “Mobile Payment in Greater China”, which focuses on multiple mPayments initiatives in China, driven by several stakeholders including the mobile network operators, People’s Bank of China and other players. The White Paper analyzes the mobile payment ecosystem in the country with the largest mobile phone subscriber base in the world and a highly bancarized population.

White paper - Brazilian Secure Transactions market

Smart Insights White Paper covers the “Brazilian Secure Transactions Market”. The White Paper covers all segments of the secure transactions industry in Brazil, and provides information about several market applications. 

The organization of important international events, 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, are major drivers for innovation and infrastructure improvement and development that will lead to an even faster development of new technologies. 

White Paper - Open Loop in US Transportation Systems

Smart Insights White Paper “Open Loop in US Transportation Systems” brings to the public a better understanding of major changes ongoing in US transportation systems payment. Once the US market will have completed the EMV migration (i.e. all credit and debit cards will be smart cards), Open Loop will become a standard solution for mass transit payment, achieving one more step to displace cash. 

White Paper - Mobile Payment in Greater China

Smart Insights White Paper titled “Mobile Payment in Greater China” focuses on multiple NFC initiatives in China, driven by several stakeholders including the mobile network operators, People’s Bank of China and other players. It also includes information on projects in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as non-NFC mobile payment projects. 

White Paper - India Secure Transactions market

Intelling, a consultancy specializing in secure transactions, just published a new Smart Insights White Paper titled “India Secure Transactions Market” to bring to its readers a synthesis on this fascinating market, and its numerous applications in the secure transactions industry.

White Paper - a New Model for Silicon Foundry - in collaboration with LFoundry

LFoundry and Intelling joined their efforts to bring to the public audience a new Smart Insights White Paper, titled “A new model for silicon foundry”, which covers the ongoing major trends in the semiconductor industry. 
LFoundry and Intelling Smart Insights White Paper “A new model for silicon foundry” develop these points in detail, and bring information about these trends and evolutions in the semiconductor industry.

White Paper - eID in South East Asia

Intelling introduces a new Smart Insights White Paper “eID in South Asia” to bring its readers more information about the numerous innovative identity projects taking place in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region. Many projects of world importance actually find their roots in South East Asia. For instance, the Malaysian ID card was the first nationwide multi-application electronic ID card; and the Philippines are to be one of the largest issuers of ePassports in the world.