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Apple enters P2P payment grounds: an attempt to be everything to everyone?

Week 46, 2017 in Blog

At the end of last week, Apple announced Apple Pay Cash, marketed as a means to send and receive money with Apple Pay. The company is the latest to enter the already crowded arena of P2P payments. For the time being, Apple Pay Cash is restricted to the United States, but one may expect the company to deploy it globally.

Online or secure element for your transport tickets?

Week 44, 2017 in Blog

A few weeks after Paris, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced it was about to get rid of its MetroCard, and to terminate the use of magnetic stripe altogether. 

Facial recognition on the path to recognition

Week 41, 2017 in Blog

Facial recognition has been around for a few decades already. The idea of automatically recognizing a person started at the same time as photography in the mid XIXth century. However, the technology was far from being ready, and research became more efficient on this topic only in the 1980s, at the same time as other biometric aspects (fingerprint, iris, etc.)

Is fear the best IoT security driver?

Week 39, 2017 in Blog

During Smart Security Week, earlier this week, many speeches focused on the IoT Security topic. 

Estonia leads the way, other countries should follow on Mobile Id and Smart ID

Week 39, 2017 in Blog

Smart Security Week, currently held in Marseille, France, is generally the opportunity for both a get-together with industry colleagues and establishing a milestone after the summer recess. The conferences focus on several topics including eID and IoT Security. 

Thanks! And stay tuned for new adventures!

Week 27, 2017 in Blog

This is the last issue of Smart Insights Weekly.

Dematerialization comes, but hardware is here to last

Week 26, 2017 in Blog

Among the keywords heard this week in two different trade shows, SDW (Secure Document World) and Money 20/20, dematerialization comes first, hands down. As an example in dematerialization, this week we announce our most recent Smart Insights Report “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity” that tackles the evolution from physical identity documents towards mobile identity. 

Is France changing?

Week 25, 2017 in Blog

Viva Technology, a major technology show, happened last week in Paris. For its second occurrence, the event succeeded in showcasing 6,000 startups to a public made of a combination of investors, technology companies, students, executives and even families … all in all over 60,000 visitors.

And then there were three

Week 24, 2017 in Blog

Our secure transactions industry has completed a new round of restructuring. The Safran Group had been looking for an acquirer for months or even years for its Morpho unit, until the decision was announced in October 2016: Advent, which owns Oberthur was to acquire the Safran I&S (Identity & Security) unit. 

Tracked! Always and everywhere!

Week 23, 2017 in Blog

Until now, consumer behavior analysis was working fine for online commerce, but facing some major issues for brick and mortar commerce: its was difficult to reconcile data obtained from online research and eCommerce with physical purchases. Players in the payment industry just obtained the total amount paid at the cash register without being able to know each person consumption  details.