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The last issue of Smart Insights Weekly has been published last week. Along with my team, I have been very happy to bring you always-fresh news with Smart Insights Weekly for more than 11 years. The industry has changed a lot since our first issue in May 2006. Smart Insights Weekly coverage has expanded covering many topics that did not even exist a decade ago: IoT, biometrics, eSIMs, mobile payment, etc. As a result of the success of secure transactions technologies, the production cost of Smart Insights Weekly has grown exponentially. At the same time, as some industrialists’ financial results were not always in line with their expectations, our income was only growing slowly, or even rema

Dematerialization comes but hardware is here to last

Among the keywords heard this week in two different trade shows, SDW (Secure Document World) and Money 20/20, dematerialization comes first, hands down. As an example in dematerialization, this week we announce our most recent Smart Insights Report “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity” that tackles the evolution from physical identity documents towards mobile identity. Just ten years after the inception of the smart phone, we are all willing to use it universally. While no one has any certainty we will still be using smartphones ten years from now, we expect to use them to dematerialize both our identity and our payments. However, in both cases, the consensus is th

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