Is fear the best IoT driver?

During Smart Security Week, earlier this week, many speeches focused on the IoT Security topic. However, most of the presentations still revolve around the same old model: IoT is booming, Attacks increase in size and damages, Security is lagging, Here is my security solution, If my security solution is not adopted fast enough, then chaos will be inevitable, Adopt my solution! This is just the latest implementation of the old FUD communication strategy, originally designed by IBM in the past century. The idea was to instill Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in the mind of IBM prospects if they decided not to choose IBM solutions. The issue with this rhetoric is that it no longer convinces anyone in

Estonia leads the way, other countries should follow on Mobile Id and Smart ID

Smart Security Week, currently held in Marseille, France, is generally the opportunity for both a get-together with industry colleagues and establishing a milestone after the summer recess. The conferences focus on several topics including eID and IoT Security. One of the opening addresses is given by Alar Streimann, Ambassador of Estonia in France. Everyone involved in eID projects is well aware Estonia is a leading power in the eIdentity field. Mr. Streimann presentation allowed the audience to get a global picture of what is going on in Estonia and to understand better the goals behind it. The heavy turn to IT and especially to the ID project is seen by the Estonian Government as the best

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