Online or secure element for your transport tickets?

A few weeks after Paris, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced it was about to get rid of its MetroCard, and to terminate the use of magnetic stripe altogether. New York MTA has contracted with Cubic Transportation Systems to replace its outdated MetroCard with an open-fare system similar to the ones used in Chicago and London. The base contract award is US$ 539.5 million (EUR 465 million) with additional options worth US$ 33.9 million (EUR 29 million). With this move, New York is getting into the restricted club of world cities using account-based fare collection. Public transport users will be able to create personalized transit accounts to see ride history, check ba

Facial recognition on the path to recognition

Facial recognition has been around for a few decades already. The idea of automatically recognizing a person started at the same time as photography in the mid XIXth century. However, the technology was far from being ready, and research became more efficient on this topic only in the 1980s, at the same time as other biometric aspects (fingerprint, iris, etc.) As often happens with new technologies, the first developments were targeting military applications, especially when the US were engaged in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The principles were already the same as now: a face is decomposed into a series of points and metrics that are in turn transformed into digital values. Recognizing a

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