SIM slidin’ away

SIMalliance, the industry association that includes most major SIM card vendors, has just published its annual data on SIM card shipments. The most significant points highlighted by SIMalliance include: SIM alliance members shipped 4.9 billion SIMs in 2017, The total available SIM market is estimated at 5.6 billion units, representing a 2.75% growth vs. 2016, Growth is unevenly spread between geographies: China still has a 25.5% year-on-year volume increase while Europe is now a static market, M2M is gaining momentum with a 106% increase in volume of soldered SIMs designed for M2M applications in 2017, eSIM technology becomes a key enabler for IoT applications. Even if these figures appear a

Wagamama gets invisible payments

Wagamama, a restaurant chain in the UK specializing in pan-Asian cooking, is now implementing a new way to improve the payment flow: they remove the payment step altogether! It has already been identified for long that the cash register represents an obstacle for the fluidity of commerce. In many cases, in physical commerce as well as in online shopping, consumer abandon their cart when they experience a difficulty in completing their payment. However, many in the payment industry have yet to realize the most uncomfortable time for consumers is when they have to part from their hardly earned dollars or euros. Already, several concepts exist that try to overcome this inconvenience by proposin

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