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Money20/20 Europe

4-6 June 2024

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

IoT Tech Expo North America

5-6 June 2024

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo North America

5-6 June 2024

Santa Clara, CA, USA

London Tech Week

10-14 June 2024

London, UK

Central Bank Payments Conference (CBPC)

10-12 June 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Central Bank Payments Conference (CBPC) focuses on payments and payment systems issues from a central bank perspective. We have developed a program complete with topics that address the most relevant concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing Central Banks and their evolving role in the payment system and market infrastructure. In addition to the Central Bank payment leaders, Currency Research also invites the most relevant participants under the oversight of the Central Bank to ensure beneficial and productive communications that can lead to transformative approaches and initiatives for payments. This is a conference for payment system executives, leaders, and senior experts.

DES - Digital Enterprise Show

11-13 June 2024

Malaga, Spain

Global Payments Summit

12-14 June 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Global Payments Summit organizers, Currency Research, and Conference Chair, Matthew Hunt have dedicated their experience and knowledge to carefully curating this year’s program, covering cross border payments, interoperability, CBDC vs. other digital assets, emerging market payments and more allowing participants to stay updated on these relevant industry developments.
As an independent conference, GPS is a balanced and comprehensive platform that draws experts, thought leaders, and professionals within the payments industry from around the world to provide their valuable, global perspectives.

Transport Ticketing North America

18-19 June 2024

Chicago, IL, USA

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