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The show must go on!

Dear friends, after a few decades in the secure transactions industry, many call me a veteran as I've been involved in quite a number of aspects of the value chain and have developed a good list of friendly contacts throughout the industry.

But the time has come for me to say goodbye to the professional world and to consider other pursuits. This is probably the last post of this blog. I've loved what I've done during all my career. A large part of my experience over the last four decades has revolved around information: helping people in the industry to have a better knowledge and understanding of what is going on to allow them to make better decisions, and helping small and medium companies to get the message across to sustain their business thanks to various aspects of marketing and communication.

I've loved the secure transactions industry, with its permanent technology and market evolutions. When I started in this industry, the most important business of the day was disposable phonecards, that are long forgotten now. Along the years, innovation has come, most often complementing rather than displacing former technologies. Along the last decades, the industry has developed structured theories about security, expanding it into new market segments that had not been anticipated. New companies came up, new people were hired, joining the adventure, trying to make this world better by proposing always more features to users while making it more secure, more convenient and more user-friendly.

Having spent decades in this industry, I've made many friends, and even more acquaintances, many of them from the same generation. Some of them are already retired, some will soon be, forming a great group of people who have helped to change the world and are still full of ideas and initiatives. I've also been happy to meet younger people, hoping I've brought them some knowledge, information, food for thought or experience that will be useful to them.


I've realized now that the professional world, the secure transactions industry, will be able to run perfectly without my intervention. So, I'm confident the show will go on!


(If you want to keep in touch for personal exchanges in the future, you can use LinkedIn, or the contact form at

Photo credits: Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash - Thierry Spanjaard - Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

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