Ready to fly with your face?

What have Atlanta, Beijing, Bristol, Chengdu, Dubai, Dublin, Helsinki, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Washington in common ? All these airports are implementing or, at least experimenting, biometric check in. The goal is to use biometrics, generally face recognition, to automate the journey through all steps before boarding an aircraft. For instance, biometrics can be used to replace the boarding pass. Government authorities can use biometrics to check when people enter or leave the country. And, in the US, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), in charge of airport security, wants to compare your face against your photo identification throughout the airport. Airports,

Targeting a heritage of the past

Exploration of the moon has left a set of man-made objects on our satellite for ever. These objects, including a US flag, some commemorative plaques, personal objects belonging to astronauts, leftovers of US and Soviet rockets, etc. are a testimony of the past, but no one has any intention to use them let alone to go there and do some housekeeping. Evolution of technology makes us always run towards the next generation and forget items left in our world from past generations. AdaptiveMobile Security, a company that specializes in cyber telecoms security, just made public the result of their research on a new type of SIM attack that uses an old, almost forgotten technology: SIM ToolKit (STK)

The mPOSless mPOS is here!

The inception of the mPOS, a dongle that plugs on a mobile handset and turns it into a POS terminal has brought a revolution in payment. The first company to have made the mPOS popular is Square, even if, lately, it is seeing its IP contested by Anywhere Commerce. Now, if we step back, which functions do we actually need in a POS terminal? At a time when most issuers are either already issuing dual interface cards or are in the process of switching to dual interface cards, it is a safe bet to consider that most cards on the field are equipped with contactless communication functions. In this situation, is probably the least costly solution as a base for a payment terminal is probably a mo

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