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There has been two major steps in my life that made me change, or to be more explicit, that brought some theoretical background to fuel my way of addressing issues. One of these steps is Market Intelligence, an extension of competitive intelligence principles, that builds upon the idea that if we have more information, we will make better decisions. Typically, in Market Intelligence, an organization sets up processes to legally acquire information, manage it and distribute it to the right people. Of course, some of the collected information is used for benchmarking, typically answering fundamental questions such as are we doing better or worse than others? Can we learn something from other p

Covid-19 affects both FinTech and classical banks, but in different ways

While everyone agrees the ongoing health crisis brings a disruption in regular operations of business, one may wonder whether theses events will be favorable to existing financial institutions or to the FinTech. The lockdown, in its diverse forms around the world, has led even the most conservative users to turn to digital solutions. This may lead to a faster digital transformation than initially anticipated, and to a quicker closure of numerous traditional bank branches worldwide. The FinTech that are in direct competition with classical banks show diverging impacts: UK-based Revolut announced it has dismissed roughly 60 employees due to the coronavirus in order to cut its costs. At the sam

Towards a contactless world

Our industry is full of bright characters who build strategies to develop new products and services and propose them for market adoption. In the complex ecosystem of the secure transactions industry, these strategies are based on a combination of R&D, marketing plans, standardization, influence, communication associated with programs including field tests, trials, implementation and generalization. Our industry history has already some records of technologies that have been developed, proposed to the market for long with extensive marketing efforts from the whole industry and that did not take off as fast as we anticipated. And then, sometimes, events that are totally beyond our control cons

Where is European sovereign cloud?

The ongoing health crisis has revealed the obligation for each nation to master at least its essential needs. Many who had been supporting globalization for long have started to realize its limits when many countries have been struggling to ensure delivery of an object as simple as a face mask, medicines or medical equipment for their population. Same fights can be anticipated when a cure or a vaccine will be in sight for the COVID-19. As a result, one may expect governments will in the near future build strategies to ensure their basic medical needs are covered by domestic production. However, if the ongoing crisis is medical, many other issues may and will happen. Governments, peoples and

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