5,000 LinkedIn contacts… Now what?

I’ve just been reaching 5,000 contacts on my LinkedIn account…. And I wonder what it actually means…. In fact, I have been a LinkedIn user for 16 years. Over this time, I created contacts with lots of people: customers, colleagues, business acquaintances, people met in trade shows, speakers in conferences, people met in various contexts, people with whom I have exchanged business cards, a few non-professional friends, and even more. In times when the Covid drastically reduces our physical social interactions, social networks become even more vital than before! My connections are extremely diverse in terms of geography, level and role: many CEOs, marketing managers, consultants, communication

Apple Pay under European Commission investigation

Even though NFC had been developed from its inception as an open technology allowing multiple third party developers to propose applications and usages, it has now been obvious for years that implementations are not as open as expected. With the “Pays,” essentially Apple Pay and Android Pay, the need for a whole ecosystem has emerged: tokenization services have been set up and handset vendors have included security aboard their devices in the form of a Secure Element or a TEE (Trusted Execution Environment, such as Arm TrustZone or Samsung Knox); at Apple this security feature is called a Secure Enclave. Territorial enclaves are causing issues in Europe as well as everywhere else… Similarly,

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